The MAP® technology: a breakthrough innovation from French research

Powerup has the capacity to test cells / modules / battery packs required to configure the algorithms:
- state-of-health diagnosis -> optimal maintenance
- charge management -> maximal lifetime.

The performances obtained during these tests are also exploited for the purpose of comparison of the battery performances with the state of the art, identified from all the tests carried out by CEA-Liten.



- Operating guarantee
- Detection of any cell change / chemistry



- Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction
(Total cost of Ownership)
- CAPEX optimization



- Cost controlled
- OPEX optimization

The 3 principles


PowerUp exploits an innovative method of diagnosis the batteries state-of-health (SOH), based on the understanding of the mechanisms of aging and resulting from 10 years of R&D within CEA-Liten.

This approach, based on incremental capacity analyzes, allows Li-ion batteries to be diagnosed with an accuracy of around 2% under real-life conditions, without interrupting their use.

PowerUp allows you to monitor the real state-of-health of your batteries during their entire service life and thus have the information required to do predictive maintenance


PowerUp has a library of Li-ion batteries aging models established by CEA-Liten on the basis of test campaigns of 1 to 2 years, under multiple aging conditions (temperature x state-of-charge x charge / discharge rates x depth-of-discharge x state-of-charge range).

These models cover all of the Li-ion chemistries (LFP, NMC, NCA, etc.) and thus make it possible to define the optimal management laws for each case encountered, taking into account the usage constraints of each application.

Quantification of time spent at a given state-of-charge (SOC) and temperature (T)

PowerUp allows you to exploit the maximum performance of your batteries thanks to optimal management laws.


PowerUp provides its partners with a centralized predictive maintenance tool, giving both:
- the state-of-health (SOH) of a fleet of batteries (linked to the expected function of the batteries in their use);
- the need or not to replace each battery under a predefined duration (eg under 6 months).

This tool can also be used to check the state-of-charge (SOC) of all the batteries of the fleet.

To provide these optional functions, PowerUp provides its partners with a dedicated interface and / or API access to all of its analysis results.

PowerUp allows you to centrally monitor your battery fleets.